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Pillows and Textiles

 People all over the country have enjoyed these hand painted pillows! All are hand silk screened and then hand colored individually.No two are alike. Some are hand beaded or have ribbons or extra goodies.Most textiles are a washed cotton blend and filled with a washable polyester fiberfill.All designs are heat set and can be washed and dried (although hand washing is strongly recommended).The Alpaca pillows are topped with real Alpaca fleece from the Sterling Silver Farm in Northern California. It has been washed thoroughly and sewn 3 times for durability.Fish Pillows glow in the dark!  Check back often - New designs will be showing up periodically!              Prices are now $16.99 each or 2 for $30.00! (sorry-We are currently Sold out!) 

Puppy Pillow (Basset) approx 12" x 12"
Alpaca Pillows (fleece colors vary) approx 8"x16"
Fish Pillows (Trout) sizes vary a lot -most 16"