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WOW, big thanks!

posted Jul 22, 2011, 11:31 AM by Kim Guthrie
A great big shout out of "thanks" for all who came out to support me and Hob Nob at my show and opening! It was my first one man show here in the Delta,..for that matter, I think my first one man show at a real gallery.THANKYOU to all who shopped,purchased,advertised,ate,drank and welcomed me to Leland.I was very nervous before hand, but I prayed and just put it in God's hands.I was like,"okay God, you inspired this art and gave me the gifts and hands and heart to produce it,you do what you want with the show".God took it and ran, He BLESSED me abundantly with sales and took care of nerves and I got to meet lots of new people.I am now concentrating on my next show,in April 2012 at EE Bass..stay tuned.Meanwhile I have art that continues to hang at Montage Marketplace, Hob Nob, The Delta Grind, Delta Regional Airport and Delta Regional Medical Center.Coming soon in September ,look for myself and all the other local artists who will have a show with The Delta Artists Association at EE Bass Cultural Arts Center.

New in my portfolio is local and regional photographs that I artistically enhance.* see attatchment

Kim Guthrie,
Jul 22, 2011, 11:49 AM